Do You Want to Become an Electrician? Here’s How to Find the Right Program for You

contractorElectricians have been in high demand especially in recent years. If you are considering a career change or perhaps you’re a young person who wants to become an electrician, you would need to become certified before you can be qualified to take on jobs.

The main purpose of an Electrician’s job is to deal with all the aspects of electrical work whether in residential or commercial settings. Their role includes following installation blueprints, maintaining various electrical systems, and identifying and troubleshooting devices among others.

If any of the above appeal to you, then maybe this career is a good fit for you. There are many paths one may take to become an Electrician. Read on to find out which options are available to you.


The general route taken to becoming a certified Electrician is obviously through going to school. You will need, at the very least, a high school diploma or equivalent GED. After that, you can continue on to an accredited Electrician Program which you can get either through vocational school or college. It takes about four years before you can get your license through this route. However, there is another way you can become licensed if you would rather jump right in instead of spending all those years studying, and that is through apprenticeships.

You can start out as an Electrician Helper. This position will give you a lot of useful hands-on experience that you can use to further help your studies if you’re going to school or plan to get an apprenticeship. At the very least, being an Electrician Helper can give you some leverage in your resume.

The beauty of becoming an apprentice is that you get to earn money while gaining experience at the same time. One thing to know also is that there are States that will require you to have undergone an apprenticeship before you can be qualified for a license. You can apply for an apprenticeship in any of the following:

  • Association Building Contractors (ABC)
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)
  • Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC)

Getting Licensed

As was mentioned before, this route can take you four years to complete. However, going through formal advanced education will benefit you in the long run if you’re looking to work in major companies or perhaps even open your own business in the future. Getting a diploma in addition to having your license is definitely going to make you more qualified and give you more credibility. You can check your local colleges, vocational schools, or Universities to see if they offer any courses suitable for your needs.


The best route for you to take would be to first get licensed, and then get an apprenticeship. However, the route that will offer you the most balance in terms of opportunity and cost, would be cutting out school and going straight for an apprenticeship. Both routes are valid ways of becoming a certified Electrician. Consider your situation and available options and pick the best route for you. Good luck!