Columbus Ohio

I’ve known for a certain amount of years that each state makes things surprisingly easy or surprisingly hard for you to do. When it comes to Columbus Ohio, rather the whole state of Ohio, getting a license to be an electrical contractor is surprisingly hard. Of course, this is in a way, a good thing, because it assures that each company has been through so many requirements, the likelihood of getting a less than qualified contractor is unlikely in the state. This is for having your own contracting company though, and not working as an electrician; you will only need to be trained and pass the licensure for that trade to be employed.

The Requirements For the License

I am all for requirements, this allows each individual to know that this guy doing work on your house is qualified to do so. So I have no problem with the following requirements:

  • The individual applying must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be a U.S. Citizen or an Immigrant with Proof of Legal Status.
  • Must have at the very least five years of experience in the trade.
  • Never have been convicted of a disqualifying offense as defined in S.B. 337.
  • Must Have Passed the Examination in the trade.
  • Must Have $500,000.00 Contractor Liability Coverage.
  • Pay the required fees.

These are certainly not all easy to fulfill, but completely doable, especially if you have the means to do so. Unfortunately, though, this show’s that you must not only have the skills but the very good backing when starting your own contracting business in Columbus or anywhere in Ohio. This isn’t really a bad thing because according to Electrician Columbus Ohio company ; one, as a client you are assured that at the very least when it comes to companies with proper permits you know you are dealing with a truly qualified company. And two, if you are working for a contractor in the city you know that your employer should be financially stable enough to run, meaning you have a stable job. Homeowners who’re looking for an affordable electrical repair service, visit Columbus Ohio Electrician at their address: 1550 Old Henderson Rd, Suite 45 Columbus, OH 43220 or give them a call at: (614) 340-2458

The rest of the requirements and the necessary steps can be found on the state’s site here.

What You Can Do If You Can’t Fulfill The Requirements At The Moment

So you finally found out that it might not be easy practicing your trade in Columbus Ohio, maybe you might not have the required experience or financial means to run a company at the moment. What you can do there is work for a residential electrical contractor or electrical company, for the time being, the great thing about that is that you will be introduced to the electrician’s community and learn how the industry work while accumulating the experience and money to start your own contracting company. It’s not a race, just keep steady and work things slowly and you’ll reach your goal. Just look out for non-compete clauses in your contract though.