So if you would like to work as an electrician here are a few things you need to practice: If you already have already been trained in the skill and have prior experience working in another state you will have to get a license as an electrician in the state of the Georgia. There are several types of licenses issued:

  • Electrical Contractor Class 1 – This restricts you to work on single phase electrical systems that do not exceed more than 200 amperes.
  • Electrical Contractor Class 2 – This allows you to work on anything and everything that requires the services of an electrician, unrestricted.
  • Low Voltage Contractor – This is for electricians working with low voltage systems like Alarms, Telecommunications, and such.

In order to get any of these licenses, you will need to pass the exam. In order to qualify for these exams, you will need to have at least four years’ worth of experience in electrical work which is division-approved. Your two years of electrical education and training can be considered as a year of experience for the required four years of experience, and the rest with your prior experience. For Class 2 license exams, you will need to have experience with installing systems above 200 amperes.

Lacking In Experience?

If you came into the city/state with the lack of experience, or just graduated from electrical education and training, you’re in luck! Atlanta has a lot of very good electrical companies you can work for and gather experience, look out though, you might not want to leave. But if you do have plans to open your own electrical contracting firm; you will need to watch out for non-compete clauses in your contract (just a little tip, though not many companies do this in the industry). Here are a few of the best electrical companies if you would like to get started on things:

  • Cameron Electric – Working for 20 years in Atlanta and the choice for both residential and commercial lighting solutions.
  • Energy and Environment – If you haven’t gotten it by the name already they emphasize in energy efficiency and being green, a great place to work at if you want a reputation like that.
  • Electrician Atlanta – A company well known in Atlanta, they do a lot of residential and commercial jobs, as well as custom generator furnishing and installation, underground wire tracing, and more. If you happen to need an electrician in Georgia, check out them:
  • Atlanta Electrician
    224 Mitchell St SW
    Atlanta, GA 30303
    (404) 594-5672
  • Good Electrical Corporation – A member of the Independent Electrical Contractor Association, they might be the best place to work at if you want to learn how things work in the industry in Atlanta.
  • Wise Electric – Serving the city since 1987, they are among one of the most experienced companies in this list. They have a rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau, is family owned, they are doing a lot of things right in business, and if you want to be an excellent electrician at the same time possibly understand how business should be done, they might be the best people to work for.

I can’t say that contacting any company in this list will assure you a job in Atlanta and get you started, but who knows you might just get lucky. If not, there’s always an option to move to a different state such as Ohio, which has a relatively big demand for qualified electricians.

I was lucky enough to land a job as a residential electrician just after getting my license, but these days every industry is incredibly competitive nowadays, but choosing a career and where to practice it is a big step that could allow your success. Atlanta is a wonderful place with many experienced and skilled electrical companies who you can learn from and compete with.